Onward and Upward

Antonica Daniela Wilson

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I think Health is the new Wealth! Onward and Upward invites the readers to think about their own 'wealth', asking "How rich are you?"We live in a love-starved world, where the news is a source of pain, an arena for politicians and religions to fight. Healthcare is more sick care, and money rules the world. We have the best ways to stay connected, yet we remain isolated. However, we are witnessing a global shift in consciousness. People are taking back their power over how they live, what they eat, and how they heal. Being healthy is in! Besides, we are at the beginning of a love revolution! Love is indispensable for healing and change, and my book promotes the love for all - self, humanity, and a new world. "Are you involved in this huge movement?" my book is asking, "don't get left behind". Each of us needs a humanity health plan. Onward and Upward aims to help the readers learn how to take care of themselves, to remind them how to love and have faith, and to guide and equip them so they may be able to do more and live an easier life. It is a workbook providing the readers with information and instructions, sharing experiences and interviews, as well as a few smiles bringing parables. Onward and Upward is giving women tools for application and tips to get ahead. It also provides them with a convenient list of resources, real people, professionals in our local community. My aim was to help women, but anyone can use this book.It encourages women to take care of themselves first, then of those closest to them, and ultimately reach out to the world at large. It says to them "shore up your health, open your heart, and with an attitude of gratitude go ONWARD and UPWARD!"

ISBN: 9780648494799
Publication Date: 29-Sep-2019
Publisher: Agape Coaching Institute