One Magic Square

Lolo Houbein

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One Magic Square shows how, with a ten-minute effort, you can start your own productive food garden on a single square metre. By following these plot designs you can keep your labour pleasurable as your self-sufficiency increases. Take control of your own fresh food supply! Food gardening is the most intelligent adult endeavour on earth - Lolo Houbein shows you how to do it, and why you should.

Winner of the 2008 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Best Innovative Cookbook.

'This timely guide will assist first-time and experienced gardeners take control of their own food supply at a time of water restrictions and increasing fuel and food prices. An engaging and motivational guide to growing your own food - very easy to follow.' - Sumptuous magazine

ISBN: 9781862547643
Publication Date: 12-Aug-2008
Publisher: Wakefield Press Pty, Limited