One Bright Moon

Andrew Kwong

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From famine to freedom, how a young boy fled Chairman Mao's China to a new life in Australia.Andrew Kwong was only seven when he witnessed his first execution. The grim scene left him sleepless, anxious and doubtful about his commitment as a revolutionary in Mao's New China. Yet he knew if he devoted himself to the Party and its Chairman he would be saved. That's what his teacher told him.Months later, it was his own father on trial. This time the sentence was banishment to a re-education camp, not death. It left the family tainted, despised and with few means of survival during the terrible years of persecution and famine known as the Great Leap Forward. Even after his father returned, life for the family was desperate. Escape seemed the only solution, and it would be 12-year-old Andrew who undertook the perilous journey first.This is the poignant, resonant story of a young boy's awakening - to survival, education, fulfilment, and, eventually, to a new life of freedom.

ISBN: 9781460758625
Publication Date: 18-May-2020
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia