Once I Rise

Tara Ingham

$24.99 Paperback
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In Once I Rise, Tara Ingham transports us to a hidden world where selected victims find themselves if they are unfortunate enough to suffer an unjust death. In this strange and fascinating place, a fledgling revenant can help Johnathan, a revenant sire who is able to interact between the two worlds, investigate their murders as they unfold. To uncover what happened to a Jane Doe, Johnathan must work with her to unlock her memories and learn why, when all others remember, she is different. But how can they hope to uncover her past without even a name? The reader is drawn into this alternative world where the impressive complex, Maat, serves as headquarters and lodgings for the fledglings and many revenants that work there. Here, a diverse range of characters, some of whom have lived many different lives over thousands of years, seek protection from evil hunters and fishers born with the ability to seek out and kill revenants so they can never rise again.

ISBN: 9781787106697
Publication Date: 28-Feb-2018
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.