Now Say This

Heather;Wright Turgeon

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A powerful new parenting book that gives flustered parents the exact words to use to solve any sticky parenting situation!

Language is powerful and the exact words, tone, and non-verbal communication parents use when trying to move through a stuck moment with their child means everything. Now Say Thisguides parents through the authors highly practical approach to effectively communicating with children, which they call ALP, also known as Acknowledge, Limit set, and Problem-solve. Now Say Thisalso discusses the power of words in all of our daily conversations. Each chapter addresses a different aspect of parenting (i.e. bedtime, mealtime, sibling conflicts, body conversations, and more) and includes actual scripts and precise language for parents to use to set limits with empathy and use conversations as opportunities for learning.

ISBN: 9781925713350
Publication Date: 18-Jun-2018
Publisher: Scribe Publications