No-Waste Organic Gardening

Shawna Coronado

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Recycle & Repurpose Your Way to a Successful Organic Garden! In No-Waste Organic Gardening, author Shawna Coronado offers dozens of innovative and resourceful ways to reduce your outgoing waste and grow better, healthier plants. Reduce plastic bag waste by mixing your own all-natural potting soil, Manage common garden pests with DIY traps made from household discards, Regrow food from kitchen scraps, Generate healthy soil by composting yard waste, Grow seedlings in upcycled containers, Give old tools a new life - as a plant trellis! Use glass, paper, and plastic discards to edge garden beds, protect tender plants, and harvest seeds, Collect greywater for reuse in the garden, Turn cardboard and newspaper into new planting beds, You'll learn to solve common garden problems, limit your personal waste stream, encourage pollinators, and grow your best organic garden ever with the know-how found here. Be a more responsible, eco-conscious gardener. Save time, money, and the planet! Book jacket.

ISBN: 9780760367643
Publication Date: 21-Apr-2020
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group USA