Nice Girls Just Don't Get It

Lois P. Frankel; Carol Frohlinger

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Have you ever felt invisible? Taken advantage of? Unable to articulate what you really want? If so, join the club. The nice girls club. What s a nice girl? It s a woman who is more concerned with pleasing others than addressing her own needs, and who hasn t yet learned how to overcome the childhood messages and cultural stereotypes keeping her from getting her voice heard, her needs met, and the life she wants. Unlike career, dating, parenting, and other books with a singular focus, NICE GIRLS JUST DON T GET IT by Lois P. Frankel and Carol Frohlinger, teaches women everywhere how to assert themselves to get what they want in any situation and across all areas of their lives. Whether dealing with demanding friends, uncompromising spouses, scummy landlords, or meddlesome in-laws, Frankel and Frohlinger show women the skills and knowledge they need to get the things they want, the respect they ve earned, and the success they deserve, not just in our careers but in our relationships, families, and everyday lives. NICE GIRLS JUST DON T GET IT provides women with 7 critical strategies and hundreds of tactics for handling life s most challenging people and situations to help them become happier and more successful.

ISBN: 9780733628085
Publication Date: 27-Apr-2011
Publisher: Hachette Australia