Natural Wonders of the World

Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff

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A continent by continent journey around Earth's most beautiful, spectacular, and captivating landscapes. Discover which of Earth's wonders should definitely make it onto your bucket list with this unparalleled survey of the world's incredible natural treasures.

With a foreword by Chris Packham, Natural Wonders of the Worldis the most in-depth look at Earth's greatest wonders. Breathtaking landscape photography is combined with 3D terrain models and other explanatory artworks to reveal what lies beneath the surface and show how geographical features are formed. From South America's Amazon River to Asia's Himalayas and Australia's Ninety Mile Beach, this is a truly unrivalled exploration of Earth's most amazing places.

To complete the picture, the plants and animals that inhabit these remarkable environments are also included, makingNatural Wonders of the Worlda unique celebration of our world as well as the most accessible-ever guide to Earth's geological processes and features.

ISBN: 9780241276297
Publication Date: 05-Oct-2017
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated