Bruno Lloret; Ellen Jones (Translator)

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'One of the most original books of the year' - Natalia Barbelagua, Revista Intemperie

In a small city perchedbetween the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, a dyingwoman relives her childhood and adolescence in vivid detail. In the trance ofher sickness, she recalls her reactions to the breakup of her family, the disappearanceof her brother, the defection of her mother, her father's conversion toMormonism -- snapshots in which sex, violence, poverty and environmentaldegradation intersect against the oppressive and ecstatic backdrop of religiousbelief.

'This world is adesert of crosses,' she remembers her father telling her -- and in the visually strikinglayout of Nancy, crosses in bold makeup the very fabric and rhythm of the book. The text is full of Xs, which can beread in many ways: as multiplication symbols, scars, marks on a treasure map -- oras signs of erasure, the striking out of reality, the approach of death, likethe cancer that threatens Nancy's life and memories.

'A novel thatflows naturally and can be read quickly, which is not to say that it's simple -quite the opposite. It toys with existential questions about what it means tobe human' -- Juvenal Romero Pérez, Revista Lecturas

'[Nancy] uncoversthe painful wounds inflicted by belief and by poverty, when life has become awilderness, a minefield, an act of survival, in which even love and desire arereduced to nothing, witnesses to a happiness as improbable as it isprecarious.' -- Leonardo Sanhueza 

ISBN: 9781925818246
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2020
Publisher: Giramondo Publishing Company