My Life with Charles Chauvel

Elsa Chauvel

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To take you down to the sea in ships, to go tramping over a thousand hills, to huddle against a man-made cyclone in the jungle scrub of the Lamington Plateau, to go film-making with Charles and Elsa Chauvel - that's the object of this book.

In these pages you will share Elsa's dramatic years beside her film-producer husband, helping to pioneer a struggling motion picture industry. You will sail with them to lonely Pitcairn Island, where they face hazardous seas to bring back, for the first time, film footage of the hiding place of the Bounty mutineers. You will travel with the dedicated, adventure-loving pair to film in the rugged interior of the Northern Territory. You will listen to the thunder of hooves as they film the unforgettable, world-acclaimed charge of 'Forty Thousand Horsemen', and you will read of the stars discovered and created by Charles Chauvel: Errol Flynn, Mary Maguire, Chips Rafferty, Peter Finch, Michael Pate, Betty Bryant, Tudawali and Ngarla Kunoth of Jedda fame.

ISBN: 9781925801767
Publication Date: 08-Aug-2019
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty, Limited