My Basque Cuisine

Mair Ash

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Ash Mair, chef, writer, author and winner of UK MasterChef: TheProfessionals presents a skillful interpretation of the food of theBasque Country and Spain in this fabulous volume of recipessuitable for the home cook. The Basque region, taking in aportion of northern Spain and southwest France, has a strongcultural identity and is rightly famed as a gastronome's paradise.

The region's fertile pasture and arable lands together with itscoastal waters, which offer up an abundant array of fish andseafood, provide the ingredients that make up this traditionalcuisine. Cured hams, spicy sausages, hot peppers, sweetalmonds, fresh fish and flavourful tomatoes are some of theeveryday ingredients that are integral to Basque Country dishes,with the emphasis on fresh, seasonal and local produce.

This tempting collection of more than 100 recipes includesmany classic dishes, well-known favourites and moderninterpretations of traditional recipes including Catalan FishStew of Monkfish, Prawns, Mussels and Clams, Basque Onion,Pepper and Tomato Stew, Paella with Chorizo, Morcilla andWood-roasted Peppers, and Chicken Braised with CannelliniBeans, Tomato and Chorizo. Included too, is a visuallyappealing selection of tapas and pintxos, and a mouthwateringmenu of desserts that will tempt the tastebuds and delight thepalate, which are the essence of this talented chef's dishes.

Illustrated with beautiful photography, My Basque Cuisine, isa lavish book that is a feast for the eyes and essential readingfor every serious cook.

ISBN: 9781742578644
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2016
Publisher: New Holland Publishers Pty, Limited