Monthly Magazine February 2020


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Leaders and dung beetles
By Don Watson
On John Cain, Scott Morrison and our curious inability to elect good people

Minor mayhem
By Paddy Manning 
Suddenly, both the Nats and the Greens are in limbo

Bridget benched
By Mungo MacCallum 
Bridget McKenzie’s resignation from cabinet is too little, too late

Enter Sandman: ‘Uncut Gems’
By Luke Goodsell 
Adam Sandler does what he does best in the Safdie brothers’ cosmic indie thriller

‘Hecate’: honouring two storytelling traditions
By Steve Dow 
Australia’s first major Shakespearean production in Noongar language will retell ‘Macbeth’ at Perth Festival

Searching for the truth in Yuendumu
By Andrew Boe 
Very little has been learnt from the death in custody on Palm Island

ISBN: 2770010037263
Publication Date: 03-Feb-2020
Publisher: Monthly