Monash and Chauvel

Roland Perry

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Monash and Chauvel is a gripping narrative history that follows the extraordinary campaigns of the two most outstanding battlefield commanders of the First World War across all the Allied armies: John Monash and Harry Chauvel.

Monash commanded the Australian forces on the Western Front at the most critical time of the war, 1918. In the war against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, Chauvel led the 34,000-strong Desert Mounted Column.

By the end of the war Monash and Chauvel had brought a distinctly Australian sensibility to their areas of operation, involving flexibility, innovation and a deep respect for the troops they led, which was in turn reciprocated by their men. Their impact on the war was immense and, in this fascinating and compelling account, bestselling author Roland Perry does full justice to their extraordinary careers and the soldiers under their command.

ISBN: 9781760291433
Publication Date: 25-Oct-2017
Publisher: Allen & Unwin