Missing William Tyrrell

Caroline Overington

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One minute a little boy is playing outside his foster Nana's house ... The next, he's gone...On Friday 12 September 2014, William Tyrrell - a playful three-year-old boy dressed in a fire-engine red Spider-Man suit - disappears from a quiet street in broad daylight. It's assumed he's lost in the nearby bushland, but despite an intensive search, he's not found and police start to suspect he's been abducted. No trace of William - not a shoe, not a hair - has ever been found, but now is not the time to surrender. How can a little boy just vanish? We have to find him.From best-selling author and Walkley Award-winning journalist Caroline Overington, Missing William Tyrrell is a moving and compelling exploration of one of Australia's most baffling and heartbreaking mysteries.

ISBN: 9781460758687
Publication Date: 24-Feb-2020
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia