Minding Yourself

Dave Nixon

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Minding Yourself challenges the traditional approach to fitness and reframes the positive psychological approach to training, nutrition, and "self-love." For decades, trends in the fitness industry had created long-term psychological issues and provided short-term, unstainable physical solutions to draw people in. This book breaks the reader free from the unhealthy pattern of yo-yo diets and impractical fitness routines by providing practical, healthy, and sustainable strategies for long-term change.

This book will show the reader how to attach true meaning to losing weight, getting strong, building confidence, and eating healthily. It bases its approach on the methods of people who have made healthy changes to their lifestyles and maintained them. It examines their why, what, and how.

Minding Yourself revolutionizes how the reader approaches training, nutrition, and their overall outlook on the life-family-work balance. After applying the strategies in this book, the reader will start living a life that's healthier and happier.

ISBN: 9781782551881
Publication Date: 16-Jan-2020
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport, Limited