George Eliot

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- George ELIOT (Mary Anne Evans), born in 1819 and died in 1880 (at age 61), is a British novelist.She was passionate about the works of Bunyan, Defoe and Scott.In addition to English, she also speaks German and Italian.At 17, she becomes a housewife, especially after the death of her mother.She meets the free-thinker Charles Bray, at his death in 1849, Mary Ann becomes deputy director of the Westminster Review.She binds to George Henry Lewes, already married. On the advice of the latter, she chooses to live in seclusion and is dedicated to becoming an accomplished novelist.She adopts the pseudonym of George Eliot.She publishes several works including "Middlemarch" (1871-1872).When Lewes died in 1878, she married John Cross, who was twenty-one years younger.His psychological analysis and his desire to want to privilege the reader's sympathy for an ordinary humanity and his daily occupations, the place to the realistic school.George Eliot is one of the great English writers. His novel "Middlemarch" is a masterpiece of English literature. - MIDDLEMARCH is a famous novel by novelist George Eliot, published between 1871 and 1872. It is considered his masterpiece.This novel tells the story of a small town in the Victorian era. Between stories of love and power, George Eliot draws a splendid picture full of crisp details.The main characters are: Dorothea Brooke - Tertius Lydgate - Mary Garth - Rev. Edward Casaubon - Mr. Arthur Brooke.The plot takes place in Middlemarch, fictional city of the Midlands, England. This small town has a crown of hills where perches of the gentry are perched. At one time, historic, when George IV still reigned over his Windsor retreat, when the Duke of Wellington was Prime Minister, and Mr. Vincy Mayor of the ancient Middlemarch municipality.Also, in this place, the novelist develops several stories with complicated details, especially two main sentimental intrigues.First there is the marriage of Dorothea Brooke, who had great ambitions. She gets married to Reverend Casaubon to share her intellectual life, but she soon becomes disillusioned on their honeymoon.Then, the unlucky marriage of Lydgate, ambitious young doctor, with the vulgar Rosamond Vincy, money problems will darken their happiness.These events stand out against a backdrop of interesting characters and episodes, amusing and moving.

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