Mid-Century Britain

Elain Harwood

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This is the story of the architecture that Britain almost never had, because of the Second World War. At its end, amid the ruins and rationing, arose humble prefabs and great public buildings - including the Royal Festival Hall, lasting symbol of the Festival of Britain, which heralded the country's revival in 1951. Austerity produced its own beauty in simple shapes and brilliant colours, from private houses, seaside cafs and stores to flats and other symbols of the new welfare states. By the time Harold Macmillan declared the British people had 'never had it so goody', a confident, modern Britain was emerging. The Twentieth Century Society composes to save the best of these buildings. Published on the 70th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, this is a celebration of the finest surviving examples of the architecture that formed the backdrop to the Coronation, that took us from swing to skiffle and rock and roll. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781849946865
Publication Date: 02-Nov-2021
Publisher: Pavilion Books