Mekong Review Vol4 No3

Minh Bui Jones

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A river’s end
Milton Osborne
Is the Mekong in its last chapter?

War fantasies
Thomas A Bass
An armchair view of the war in Vietnam

Home is everywhere
Rachel Leow
What does it mean to be Chinese?

Brand erosion
Simon Vincent
Has the Singapore Story lost its gloss?

Big on Asia
Kirsten Han
The future is Asian, according to Parag Khanna

Towards the morning
Pauline Fan
In 1911, Hermann Hesse headed east

Nissan’s Emperor
Peter Tasker
Before Carlos Ghosn there was Ichiro Shioji

Right history
Alexander Wells
A free-market fairy tale for the faithful

Shut out
Jared Ferrie
The Rohingya in limbo in Cox’s Bazar

Don’t die another person’s death, The defnition of summer, Saigon on a good day
Phan Nhien Hao
Poetry from Phan Nhien Hao

Chasing thieves
Victor T King
The heist of the century

Good times are coming
Rohit Inani
India’s fragile young demography is waiting

Michael Buckley
Bogus health claims are pushing species to the brink

The deportees
Matt Surrusco
Strangers in their new home

Nick Freeman
Honouring Professor Martin Stuart-Fox

Palm diary
Robert Cooper
A manuscript from a place no one knew existed

Melinda Jane - The Poet Mj
Poetry from Melinda Jane – The Poet Mj

Java tale
Jennifer Lindsay
An eminent historian turns to fiction

Rupert Winchester
Two new crime novels revel in violence

The Koro Report
Faisal Tehrani
The Dictator with a peculiar condition

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