Stan Rodski

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Enjoy the meditative relaxation of Medi-tation: Colouring For Focus and Creativity.

The simple act of colouring itself has the power to engage your brain, improve your mood and kindle creativity by providing a mindful task that also transports us back to a time in our lives when we felt carefree and safe. Colouring is a mindful, creative practice that brings no element of competition or failure and instead creates total absorption - even if you are not creative.

In Medi-tation, Dr Stan Rodski draws on the study of neuroscience to bring brand new exercises and patterns to help focus your brain and create a meditative state. Dr Rodski's easy-to-use meditative techniques are designed to focus your brain through the use of colour with pattern, repetition and detail - focusing on helping us to be more rested, concentrate better, and be more aware.


ISBN: 9781743796979
Publication Date: 16-Sep-2020
Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing