Meanjin Vol 80 No 1

Jonathan Green

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Australia is the fourth biggest country in the world for QAnon social media content and discussion, and its fans are a wide ranging group, from celebrity chef Pete Evans to federal MP's like George Christensen. Margaret Simons wonders what brings them all together, why ideas like the theories promoted by QAnon have appeal and how social media and the collapse of much traditional journalism has fuelled the breakdown of a coherent idea of 'the public'.

Omar Sakr, Mark McKenna, Declan Fry, Elizabeth Flux, Paul Daley, Rodney Hall, Yen-Rong Wong, Maria Tumarkin, Gregory Day, Shakira Hussein, Paul Barratt, Steve Dow and Australia In Three Books from Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

New fiction from Briohny Doyle, Rose Michael, Melanie Cheng and Dawn Nguyen

New poetry from Shey Marque, Steve Brock, Dzenana Vucic, Madeleine Dale, Diane Fahey, Toby Fitch, Christian Bok and more.

Reviews from Timmah Ball, Andy Jackson, Darlene Silva Soberano, Max Easton, Claire Cao, and Dion Kagan

ISBN: 9780522877434
Publication Date: 16-Mar-2021
Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing