Meanjin Vol 76 No 2

Jonathan Green

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A tinge of sadness in this June 2017 edition of Meanjin- it includes the last Commonplace column filed by John Clarke before his death in April. Published with the kind permission of his family it is a beautifully turned and now poignant piece. Clarke's longtime home, the ABC, is the subject of the major essay in this Meanjin edition. Margaret Simonstakes a long hard look at the broadcaster's past and present ... and a future very much in contest. Katharine Murphy'who'd be a politician'; Terry Barnesargues for the rise of the 'sensible centre'; and Shannon Burnswrites in defence of the white working class. There's new fiction from A.S. Patricand Stephanie Bishopand as always a fine selection of new Australian poetry, including work from Judith Beveridge, Anthony Lawrence, Ben Walter and Owen Bullock.

ISBN: 9780522871463
Publication Date: 19-Jun-2017
Publisher: Meanjin