Meanjin Vol 75, No 3

Jonathan Green

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"Not the marrying kind? You're not alone. As Lauren Rosewarnereports, more the 40 percent of Australian women between 25 and 64 are single. By choice? By design? By circumstance? For better? For worse? Lauren takes a deeply personal look at a phenomenon that is quietly reshaping our world. The facts are thinner on the ground elsewhere, especially in the world of politics and public affairs. Katharine Murphywonders how journalism might deal with a political world in which facts and simple truth are out of favour, a theme picked up by the wonk's wonk, Greg Jericho. That legend of Australian arts writing Patrick McCaugheycasts a cold eye over the critical career of the late Robert Hughes and comes away just a little less than impressed, while Angela Smithwonders whether our major galleries are slowly but surely embracing the ethos of the circus. Timmah Ballcontemplates the rise and rise of the Aboriginal middle class, while Melissa Howardspends some heart-rending hours in a magistrates' court dedicated to family violence. There's brilliant new fiction from Emma Schwarcz, Laura Stortenbeker and others, and a feast of fresh poetry."

ISBN: 9780522870084
Publication Date: 15-Sep-2016
Publisher: Meanjin