Meanjin No 79 Vol 2

Jonathan Green

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Author and essayist Lucia Osborne-Crowley examines the cost of intimacy for women in a world where men demand exclusive access to the closeness of their female partners, often without returning the emotional labour involved.

Noongar author Claire G. Coleman writes on the long shadow of the Stolen Generations: 'Dad discovered he was Noongar when he was 63, when I was 30, when his Uncle Bob died . . . ' Poet Toby Fitch details Australian animal and bird extinction from 1788 to the present and Sophie Cunningham pauses as a summer of fire merges with an autumn of pandemic. Plus: Lucy Treloar, Guy Rundle, Rebecca Slater, Elizabeth Flux, Jennifer Mills, Michael Cathcart, Maria Takolander, and Jack Hibberd.

ISBN: 9780522876680
Publication Date: 16-Jun-2020
Publisher: Meanjin