The March on Autocracy; Australia's Fateful Choices; Australian Foreign Affairs 11

Jonathan Pearlman

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The March of Autocracy examines the rise of authoritarian and illiberal leaders, whose growing assertiveness is reshaping the Western-led world order. It explores the challenge for Australia as it enters a new era, in which China's international sway increases and democracies compete with their rivals for global influence.
Professor of politics at the University of Sydney John Keane on despotism and the new Cold War between the United States and China.
Director of the Lowy Institute's International Security Program Sam Roggeveen on the American contest against authoritarianism and how it is shaping US foreign policy.
Chinese culture and politics expert Linda Jaivin on what diplomatic and political levers Australia has at its disposal in dealing with China.
Research fellow at the Lowy Institute Natasha Kassam and senior lecturer in international politics at the Australian National University Darren Lim on how authoritarianism has risen in China and elsewhere in the wake of COVID-19 and a global shift in power.
Director of Foreign Policy and Defence at the United States Studies Centre Ashley Townshend on how and why Australia should lead an international initiative to counter disinformation.
Australian Foreign Affairs is published three times a year and seeks to explore - and encourage - debate on Australia's place in the world and global outlook.

ISBN: 9781760642105
Publication Date: 22-Feb-2021
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing Pty, Limited