The Man of Feeling

Javier Marías; Margaret Jull Costa (Translator)

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On a train journey from Paris to Madrid a young opera singer becomes fascinated by those in his compartment: a middle-aged businessman, his alluring wife and their male travelling companion. Soon his life of constant travel, luxury hotels, rehearsal and performance will become entangled with these three people, and the singer will find himself fatefully consumed by Natalia's beauty. The Man of Feelingis the haunting story of the birth and death of a passion, told in retrospect. Intricately interweaving desire and memory, it explores the nature of love, and asks whether we can ever truly recall something that no longer exists.

'A book that reflects on the torture of love the way arias reflect heartbreak.' Washington Times

'Stylish, cerebral . . . Marías is a startling talent' The New York Times

ISBN: 9780811216777
Publication Date: 02-Mar-2007
Publisher: W. W.\\Norton#& Company Limited