Margaret Atwood

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In a little enclave called the cob house a motley crew of survivors live alongside the green-eyed Crakers, a gentle, inquisitive species bio-engineered to replace humans.
Toby, a member of the now-defunct Gods Gardeners, is still in love with Zeb. The Crakers' reluctant prophet, Snowman (or Jimmy, or SnowmantheJimmy), has been seriously injured, Amanda is still in shock from the Painballer attack and Ivory Bill simply can't take his eyes off the nubile Swift Fox.
As their relationship with the Crakers becomes intertwined they are approached by a natural enemy for help. Will Toby find the inspiration she needs? Will Zeb ever see his brother again? And will they ever be able to make their world stable enough for future generations?
Told with wit, dizzying imagination, dark humour and a breathtaking command of language, Booker-prize-winning Margaret Atwood's unpredictable and chilling Maddaddam takes us into a carefully-crafted dystopian world and holds up a mirror to our future.

ISBN: 9781844087877
Publication Date: 07-Aug-2014
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group Limited