Lotus Laughing

Marie-Celine Sinclair

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High on the balcony of an ultra-modern apartment above a riverside cityscape on New Year's Eve and the fringe of a new decade, ten friends gathered. With six hours to pass until the midnight hour, Lillian invites her guests to share tales of extraordinary, mystical, and inexplicable events that have occurred in their lives. These are tales that nobody would ever believe but are true. Haunted by the 11:11 numeric configuration, bestowed a life mission, and visited by ethereal beings not of this earthy world, Lotus Laughing will speak to the depths of your inner self and challenge you to probe your long-forgotten past. Perhaps you, too, may have memories of an extraordinary life that needs telling.

ISBN: 9781504318433
Publication Date: 15-Jul-2019
Publisher: Author Solutions, Incorporated