Lost and Found

Jules Montague

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If a loved one changes as a result of a brain disorder, are they still the same person? So begins a beautifully written and deeply moving book for our times, about who we become when our minds misbehave - from dementia to sleep disorders. Written by a leading neurologist, it is perfect for readers of Henry Marsh, Oliver Sacks and Stephen Grosz.

Dr Jules Montague is a neurologist who spends her days helping people who are experiencing dementia other brain disorders.

In Lost and Found, she explores what remains of the person left behind when the pieces of their mind go missing. Along the way she answers fascinating questions about how we remember, think and behave. Why do some memories endure and others fade? Why do you sometimes forget why you went into a room? And what if rather than losing memories, your mind creates false ones - are they still yours, and do they still make you, you?

Yet there is more to identity than just memory. Who are we when we dream, fall unconscious or wake from a coma? What if our personality changes radically because of dementia or multiple personality disorder - are we still inherently the same person? And could a brain disorder awaken your creativity, release your talents, enhance your identity rather than damage it?

Blending first-hand accounts from the author's day-to-day medical work with the latest thinking into what makes us who we are, this is an unforgettable book about how we lose ourselves and those around us - and how we can be found again.

ISBN: 9781473646957
Publication Date: 08-Mar-2018
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton