Living in Tiny Homes

Marion Hellweg

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Around the world, people are choosing to live small - whether it's downsizing from a large home or converting a van into a house on wheels. In this must-have guide, interior design expert Marion Hellweg offers inspiring insights into making the most out of the square footage you have, and turning any space into a beautiful, comfortable and efficient home. How to Optimize Space: inspiration from small houses and apartments around the world, Furnishing Ideas for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and hallway - with practical tips for the best room layout, clever storage solutions, flexible furniture and much more, Interviews with interior designers and architects on innovative and sustainable design concepts, Best Tiny Houses: smart dream homes in a miniature format Book jacket.

ISBN: 9783791387611
Publication Date: 05-Oct-2021
Publisher: Prestel Verlag GmbH & Co KG.