Live the Life You Want with the Money You Have

Vince Scully

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The must-have money handbook that will teach a new generation how to do money.

'Cut out your morning latte and you can be rich!' It's a popular view - but it's hopelessly inaccurate. The truth is, it's not our morning coffee that's keeping us out of the housing market or preventing us from building long-term financial security. We've never earned as much, owned as much, or been so highly educated, and yet millennials struggle with money more than any previous generation. Why? Because the old rules just don't work anymore.

In Live the Life You Want With the Money You Have, Vince Scully, the founder of one of the first online financial planners Life Sherpa, shows you 8 simple steps to financial freedom that anyone can start right away, no matter how much money they have or how much debt they're in.

Readers will learn how to review their spending habits, build an emergency stash, pay off debt, choose the right insurance, save up for your first home, make investments, and plan for retirement - all while feeling free to enjoy life.

ISBN: 9781922611345
Publication Date: 29-Mar-2022
Publisher: Major Street Publishing