Life's a Roadtrip

Axel & Ash (Created by, Afterword by, Designed by)

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Whether you're cruising down California's Pacific Coast Highway, the Great Ocean Road, or the ever iconic Route 66, road trips are about singing at the top of your lungs, exploring local secrets, and creating memories that last a lifetime#8212Life's a ROADTRIP is the latest installment in the "Insert Your Story" series. Filled with travel prompts, inspiring quotes, and stories from professional nomads this journal is made for you to scribble down your favorite sing-a-longs, stick in your own postcard worthy photos, and give you a place to keep your festival passes covered in mud. Build and record every second of your road trip adventures with a traceable world map, thought provoking questions and planning pages for all the places you'll go and the places you've yet to get to.

ISBN: 9780987449320
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2016
Publisher: Axel & Ash