Life: a User#s Manual

Julian Baggini; Antonia Macaro

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How should I live?What is my purpose? Can I find happiness?Ever felt as though life would be simpler if it came with an instruction manual? There are no easy answers to the big questions. And life does not follow a straight path from A to B.Since the beginning of time, people have asked questions about how they should live and, from Ancient Greece to Japan, philosophers have attempted to solve these questions for us. The timeless wisdom that they offer can help us to find our own path. In this insightful, engaging book, renowned existential psychotherapist and philosophical counsellor Antonia Macaro and bestselling philosopher Julian Baggini cover topics such as bereavement, luck, free will and relationships, and guide us through what the greatest thinkers to ever walk the earth have to say on these subjects, from the Stoics to Sartre.Discover advice from the world's greatest thinkers on questions like-Is there a right way to grieve?What is free will?How can we learn from past mistakes?Do we make our own luck?

ISBN: 9781529104547
Publication Date: 29-Sep-2020
Publisher: Penguin Random House