Letter to George Clooney

Debra Adelaide

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Debra Adelaide's new collection of short stories intricately maps both the sublime and the mundane landscape of ordinary lives, with her trademark dark wit and luminous intelligence.In 'Glory in the Flower', distinguished but disillusioned British poet, Bill, crosses the world on the promise of a prestigious literary festival only to find himself roughing it with an unlikely group of amateur poets, with surprising results. One man's attempt to negotiate the Australian taxation system reads like a noir thriller in 'The Pirate Map', and the minefield of internet dating explored in 'Chance' artfully balances the absurd and the dark side of the human psyche. 'Harder than Your Husband' follows a serious-minded administrator as he attempts to navigate the induction of a new, and rather perplexing, employee. And the final eclipsing story, 'Letter to George Clooney', opens a door into a world of terror and deprivation: searing in its devastating restraint, it demonstrates why Adelaide is one of the finest Australian writers of her generation.SHORTLISTED FOR THE KIBBLE LITERARY AWARD 2014

ISBN: 9781742613093
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2013
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia Pty, Limited