Keep the Aspidistra Flying

D. J. Taylor (Editor); George Orwell

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A new edition of Orwell's end-of-tether third novel, introduced and annotated by his biographer, D.J. Taylor

First published in 1936, and drawing on Orwell's own experiences of working in a Hampstead bookshop, Keep the Aspidistra Flying tracks the career of Gordon Comstock ('nearly 30 and moth-eaten already') a struggling poet who tries to rebel against the conventions of middle-class English life, only to be drawn inexorably back into the world that grinds him down.

This new edition includes an introduction and extensive end-notes, and an appendix containing original responses to the novel as well as letters and documents from the period in which it was written.

ISBN: 9781472133106
Publication Date: 09-Jun-2022
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group Limited