Violet Wadrill; Biddy Wavehill; Topsy Dodd Ngarnjal; Felicity Meakins; Biddy Wavehill Yamawurr

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Gurindji country is located in the southern Victoria River in the Northern Territory of Australia. Gurindji people became well known in the 1960s-70s due to their influence on Australian politics and the Indigenous land rights movement. They were instrumental in gaining equal wages for Aboriginal cattle station employees and they were also the first Aboriginal group to recover control of their traditional lands. In this book Gurindji women describe their child-rearing practices. Many Gurindji ways of raising children contrast with non-Indigenous practices because they are deeply embedded in an understanding of country and family connections. This book celebrates children growing up Gurindji, and honours those Gurindji mothers, grandmothers, assistant teachers and health workers who dedicate their lives to making that possible.

ISBN: 9781925581836
Publication Date: 01-May-2019
Publisher: Spinifex Press