Kirsten Krauth

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Layla is only 14. As she sits in bed with a laptop, her mother Margot sleeps in the next room. But, what separates them is more than just a wall. It's every mother's nightmare. Layla cruises online. She catches trains to meet strangers. And Margot never suspects. Not even when Layla brings a man into their home. Margot's caught in her own web: an evangelical church and a charismatic pastor. Pastor Bevan preaches to the faithful, reeling them in to his tangled conceits with podcasts and twitter. Meanwhile, downtown, a man opens a suitcase and tenderly places his young lover inside. just_a_girl tears into the fabric of contemporary culture. It's a Puberty Blues for the digital age; a Lolita with a webcam. It's what happen when young girls are forced to grow up too fast. Or never get the chance to grow up at all....????

ISBN: 9781742584959
Publication Date: 17-Jun-2013
Publisher: UWA Publishing