Julia Morris Makes It EASY

Julia Morris

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Hilariously half-baked life advice from yet another deluded celebrity

Welcome to Julia Morris's immaculately conceived EASY system: a crackpot satire on celebrity self-help culture. Julia will help you figure out the stuff you don't need to do, cut down on the crapola you've decided you don't want to do, make the stuff you absolutely have to do a breeze - and ensure you enjoy the whole lot. Brace yourself for a deluge of slacker life hacks, nice-but-not-very-bright advice and life-changing inspiration on:

  • Making It All About You
  • Getting Shallow
  • The Importance of Always Proving Your Point
  • The Joy of Ex-cuses
  • Achieving Blind Self-confidence
  • How to (Not) Get Shit Done
  • Judging Others
  • The Power of Negative Thinking
  • The Zero Habits of Highly Ineffective People
  • How to Say Yes, Then Cancel
  • Complaining and Comsplaining

Disclaimer: if you think this book is going to be like other celebrity self-help books, think again

ISBN: 9781460759677
Publication Date: 05-May-2021
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia