Japanese Creativity

Yuichiro Edagawa (Text by); Kengo Kuma (Foreword by)

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In Japanese Creativity, Japanese architect Yuichiro Edagawa sets out to try to determine the roots of a particularly Japanese architectural style by analyzing a wide variety of exemplary buildings from the sixth century to the present. Developing his theory out of close observation and practical knowledge and constantly shifting between historical and more recent examples, Edagawa isolates what he considers to be the distinctive characteristics of Japanese architectural creativity and composition: intimacy with nature, importance of materials, bipolarity and diversity, asymmetry, devotion to small space and an appreciation for organic form. He finds these qualities across Japanese design, and from these extrapolates a theory of Japanese architectural creation. With Japanese Creativity, Edagawa provides a personal yet comprehensive survey of Japanese creativity and the architectural process, offering an insight into contemporary Japanese culture and identity, both deeply traditional and modern at the same time.

ISBN: 9783868595086
Publication Date: 23-Oct-2018
Publisher: Antique Collectors\' Club