Island #149


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Sea Wolves Bruce Pascoe
Autumn Teeth Verity Borthwick
'Charged with Banana Leaves and Sea Shells' Tom Bamworth
The Black Spot Gordon Peake
In Chauncy Vale Brigid Magner
Stepping Back From the Edge Cameron Hindrum
The Cost of Serious Wit Chris Wallace-Crabbe
'I Want a Foot' Jasper (via Chatter Matters)


the Armoury Sonia Heap
Unstable Landscapes Nicholas Blowers


When We Were Eight Together Luke Johnson
The Place Where the War Meets MT O'Byrne
The Miners' Garden Annette Marner
Going Underground Lara S Williams
The Lullaby Condell Rustichelli


Untitled Alex McKeown
Anna Karenina Philip Neilsen
She was a Mugavin / Brick kiln workers Brendan Ryan
xenon / argon Jordie Albiston
South of the Lighthouse Rosanna Licari
An ancestry cut up and pasted in a book Anne Elvey
A State of Sunflowers Dan Ryder
Nature Boy Stephen Gilfedder
Ten Poetic Commandments Paul Dawson

ISBN: 9780994490179