The Information Editor

Miles Hunt

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Welcome to the future - one that may already be here! A world of slave-like employment, profit over people and consumption at all cost - where technology rules, advertising covers the sky and individual freedom has been handed over to the corporations. A world where the economy is God, community is dead and information has infested every aspect of life from virtual dreams to the non-stop 24-hour (fake) news cycle. Meet Johnson, an Information Editor at Gorilla Industries - one of the Trade Bloc's main media companies - who works unquestioningly for a system that keeps him down. Things begin to change when he hears the rebellious words of a masked reactionary known only as the Renegade. But how far will Johnson be willing to go to alter his life? And what risks will he take to uncover the truth behind everything? The Information Editor is the first in a duology consisting of two contrasting visions of the future. This dystopian novel, set in a world of information control, rampant surveillance and unregulated capitalism will be followed shortly by a utopian vision called The Story Teller.

ISBN: 9781922454447
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2021
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty, Limited