Indigenous Australia for Kids for Dummies

Larissa Behrendt

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A kid-friendly intro to Australia's Indigenous cultures

The Indigenous peoples that live in what we now call Australia share extraordinary histories. Now you can learn about these cultures, and how they've shaped modern Australian society, with this fun and fascinating guide to the economies, art, spirituality and politics of the Indigenous peoples of Australia. You can learn about things like The Dreaming, what a corroboree is and how Australia's past shapes the realities that Indigenous people experience today. Discover the Indigenous Australian culture that surrounds you and how you can contribute to a world we all aspire to live in.


  • Understand Indigenous history
  • Learn traditional customs
  • Discover the impact of colonialism
  • Enjoy new Indigenous art
  • Examine contemporary issues

The fun and easy way for kids to learn new skills on their own!

Or with a little help from friends, family, and teachers.

ISBN: 9780730390336
Publication Date: 04-Oct-2021
Publisher: John\\Wiley#& Sons, Incorporated