In the Footsteps of the Snow Leopard

Tim Easton

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"In the Footsteps of the Snow Leopard"

By Tim Easton

About the Book

The Snow Leopard is Peter Matthiessen's famous account of an unforgettable spiritual journey. Peter, a student of Buddhism and grieving the death of his wife, charted his deepening understanding of reality, suffering, impermanence, and beauty as he trekked through the Himalayas in search of the elusive snow leopard back in 1973.

More than forty years later Tim Easton retraced Peter's footsteps following the ancient trails on his own spiritual journey. Tim explores his samsara - the cycle of death and rebirth - his suffering, and his need for healing in this very special part of the world.

In the footsteps of the Snow Leopard, Tim follows his adventure in Dolpo region, remote northwest Himalaya in Nepal, facing sub-zero temperatures and high altitude in the hope of spotting the illusive snow leopard and finally hearing for himself the 'silent heartbeat' of the Earth.

ISBN: 9780646825571
Publication Date: 25-Oct-2020
Publisher: Timothy J\\Easton