In Sunshine and Shadow: Reflections on Lithuanian Immigrant Life concerns the small community of first-generation intra and post-World War Two Lithuanian refugees in Queensland. The Lithuanian history spans the fall of the Iron Curtain and loss of independence in 1940 to its recovery in 1991. Australian society's mid-20th century's assimilationist expectations sought to silence the immigrants' cultural identity and expression. Expressive prose brings together oral history stories, photographs, poems and songs to express the Lithuanians' migration and settlement experiences, overcoming their silence: their pain and loss and their endurance and accomplishment with quiet dignity. Chapters include 'Prologue', 'Motherland', 'Refuge Under a Southern Cross', 'Sweet Beginnings', 'Honouring the Goddesses', 'Triumphs and Tribulations', 'Absent Faces', 'From Captive Nation to Independence', and 'To Mother Earth and Morning Star'. Whilst the work primarily concerns the immigrants' settling experiences, and homeland oppression and ongoing issues in exile, Lithuanian cultural identity and expression are embedded in the oral histories, in the author's encounters with the people in their homes, and in the visual imagery gathered and created, infusing warmth and sunshine and a Lithuanian imprint through cultural contexts. Warmth is also infused through welcoming experiences in the community of their adopted Australian homeland.

ISBN: 9780648120704
Publication Date: 12-Jun-2018
Publisher: Eve\\Wicks