I'm Sorry...

Bradley Trevor Greive

$16.95 Paperback
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Bradley Trevor Greive's best-selling gift books have been published in 115 countries in 29 languages, with over 15 million copies sold. Needless to say, BTG has his finger on the pulse of the art of expression. And now, in what he declares will be the last book in the much-loved series, BTG tackles the most delicate of subject of all - the apology. Employing his trademark style, BTG pairs his humorously candid narrative with expressive animal photographs to offer the most sincere mea culpa. I'M SORRY . . . is the ultimate ode for the repentant and regretful, an act of contrition for the remorseful and morose. This little book is the gentlest, most appealing, most irresistible way to say I'm sorry to anyone from your boss to your spouse, parents, friends, brothers and sisters, and children.

ISBN: 9781741667905
Publication Date: 03-Nov-2008
Publisher: Random House Australia