I'm Fine (and Other Lies)

Megan Blandford

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The story covers the challenges of parenthood, high functioning and invisible depression, the value of self-compassion in recovery, the stigma around asking for help, and the inner battle so many of us deal with daily.
Megan's story is one of raw honesty, humour and hope. "There are surprisingly few stories told about what postnatal depression is really like. This only feeds the stigma and shame that surrounds it - so it's time to talk more openly about this experience that affects so many," Megan says. "I really hope that, in sharing my story, I can help to break down the walls of that stigma a little more, so that others feel less lonely and more able to ask for help."

ISBN: 9780648349877
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2019
Publisher: Wild Dingo Press