I Shot the Devil

Ruth McIver

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It was a game. But then it got real. A dark, twisty thriller of small town buried secrets for readers of THE DRY, THE GIRLS and THE SECRET HISTORY.
Twenty years ago, the devil visited the woods around Newport, Long Island, claiming the lives of two boys. A local youth was charged with murder. Case closed.
Now journalist Erin Sloane has been commissioned to dig deeper into the story and is sent notes from someone long forgotten. But can she trust what she unearths? And how can she unravel what happened when she has her own secrets to hide?
Rich with the sense of a community imploding, buried secrets, corruption and racism, I SHOT THE DEVIL is a stunning portrayal of teenage hysteria and sexuality.

ISBN: 9780733642760
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2021
Publisher: Hachette Australia