How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Bill Gates

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Diseases have always spread among humans, but they don't have to become global disasters. This book is about how governments, scientists, companies, and individuals can build a system that will contain the inevitable outbreaks so they don't become pandemics. There is more momentum than ever to do this now. Nobody who has been through COVID will ever forget it. Just as World War II changed the way my parents' generation looked at the world, COVID has changed the way we see the world. But we do not have to live in fear of another pandemic. The world can provide basic care to everyone, and be ready to respond to and contain any emerging diseases. Each chapter in this book explains one of the steps we need to take to get ready. Together, they add up to a plan for eliminating the pandemic as a threat to humanity and reducing the chance that anyone ever has to live through another COVID. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9780241579602
Publication Date: 03-May-2022
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited