Who better to write about turning a Hot Date into a stable, nurturing relationship that your friends resent than Emily Axford and Brian Murphy, two CollegeHumor veterans and viral-video stars who happen to be happily married in real life? Hey, U Up? Is the useful and highly entertaining guide to every stage of love and romance with lessons like: Stop Hooking Dawn and Start Hooking Up, How to Ask Someone Out on a Date After You've Already Slept with Them, Create Healthy Boundaries and Trust (Unless They Leave Their Email Open), How to Relate to Your Single Friends Now That You're an Insufferable, Happy Person, An Inventory of What Is and What Isn't OK to Throw During a Fight, Establish Your Family as the Christmas Family by Turning Your Significant Other Against Their Own Parents, Using prescriptive advice along with chapters from their own unfolding story, Emily and Brian are ready to take you on a trip to achieving relationship nirvana.

ISBN: 9781419729140
Publication Date: 13-Feb-2018
Publisher: Abrams, Inc.