Writers have always used the heart as metaphor and analogy, but in this collection fifteen Australian writers share their experiences of real heart problems. By turns moving and humorous, and always frank, these stories tell what it's like to experience the whole spectrum of heart ailments - from the chronic to the dramatic, from heart murmur to heart attack, arrhythmia and aneurysm. This first-hand experience not only makes compelling reading, it offers guidance, reassurance and hope to those who suffer, or know someone who does. Some of the country's most acclaimed writers have written for Heart Matters. There are novelists, playwrights, screenwriters and journalists, including Alex Miller, David Williamson, Max Gillies, Gillian Mears, Don Anderson and Jean Bedford. The editors, both of whom have undergone heart surgery, have also contributed their stories.

ISBN: 9780670073856
Publication Date: 03-May-2010
Publisher: Penguin Random House