A Hatful of Cherries

Felix Calvino

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`Lively, moving, humorous, strange, these small records of other lives in another place are a gift, and so is the austere and tender mode of their telling. Calvino's is a new voice in the room, individual, arresting, and now that we have been aware of it, indispensable to the many others that make up our story' David Malouf. The stories in A Hatful of Cherries first appeared in `Detour' in Semper; `Winners and Losers' in Social Alternatives; `An Old Sheep' in Quadrant; `The Swallows' in UQ vanguard. The project was Government assisted through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

ISBN: 9781740971676
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2007
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty, Limited